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      The Weather Channel visits Marquette

      It isn't often The Weather Channel makes a stop in the U.P., but today was one of those rare opportunities. The latest storm attracted the attention of the Weather Channel, sending out correspondent Raegen Medgie to cover the storm.

      Once here, Medgie learned about how frozen pipes have hurt many communities in the U.P. and became a focal point of her segments. All of that aside, she is excited to be up here even during the storm.

      "What I think is most spectacular is that there is such charm here in Marquette. I mean you can see it right when you're going down the road and you see Lake Superior, which by the way, I cannot believe it's as frozen as it is," said Medgie.

      Before making her way into the U.P., Medgie spent some time in the Lower Peninsula around Mackinaw City and even took a trip on a U.S. Coast Guard Cutter on Lake Huron.