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      The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore visits Ice Fest

      He's known for always being outside in the worst weather possible.

      But this weekend, The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore got a break from the storms to visit the U.P. and shoot an episode of his series "Cantore's Stories." Although being on the road for weeks at a time is rough, Cantore has fun in the unique places he gets to visit.

      "My favorite thing about being on the road is that I get to experience new things. And this is something I've never done. I've been on a snowmobile before--I'm from Vermont--but I've never ice climbed before. This is just a blast, I mean it's a real workout!" exclaims Cantore.

      Cantore's first-time climbing went fairly well, but he admits it was harder than he thought. The U.P.-based edition of the show will feature the I-500 in Sault Ste. Marie, Munising's Ice Fest, and kite sailing. And for a town like Munising that relies heavily on tourism, they're looking forward to the exposure from the show.

      "It's always nice because it does get national or even international exposure on, hey, look what's offered here and more and more enthusiasm of snow and ice. Someone might see that and say, 'Hey, that looks like a pretty good place, a welcoming place'," says Alger Chamber of Commerce spokeswoman, Amanda Ingraham.

      This episode of the show isn't scheduled to air until the spring, but Cantore hopes it gives viewers a good taste of the U.P.

      "That snowmobiling, snowcross, ice climbing, and kite boarding, if you will, on snow is really cool, and the U.P is the ultimate winter playground," he says.

      And Cantore himself has a positive view of the area.

      "I think the people would be pleasantly surprised if they came up here."