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      The worst is behind us, but more snow on the way

      Black Friday 2012 was the first major lake effect event of the season and it has mostly ended, but more snow is on the way for the next few days. Let's recap: click here for some of the snowfall reports so far, and here for some of the wind gusts from Friday. That wind added a real bite to the air bringing wind chill temperatures into the 10s and it caused a lot of blowing snow to reduce visibility.

      As of Saturday morning, Alger County is the center of attention as snow continues to fall under the northwest wind. It is dissipating slowly and should end by mid afternoon as a high pressure system to our south causes winds to shift out of the west. Winds have greatly decreased and will continue to lighten up. Saturday's highs should be around 30 or cooler. If you're away from Lake Superior, you may even see some sunshine.

      There should be several hours of reprieve from snowfall for most of Upper Michigan, but more snow comes in from the west Saturday evening with a low pressure system. New snowfall amounts could approach two inches in a 12 to 18 hour period from this system, especially west. Lows will be in the 20s.

      Sunday, that system will bring some snow to the eastern half of the UP as it makes its way out of our hair. It will not bring as much snow accumulation on Sunday. A south wind will bring a brief warm up with highs into the 30s, but winds will shift again out of the northwest and lake effect snow will again kick up by Sunday afternoon in the northwest wind snow belts. That could bring another inch or so.

      Sunday night will see mainly lake effect snow, but partly cloudy skies away from the lake. Lows will fall into the 10s to mid 20s.

      Monday and Tuesday will see more snow, mainly lake effect, and colder temperatures. Wednesday and Thursday are looking clearer for now. Join me on the Late news for the latest forecast and for a better summary of the snowfall. I will also be posting more on my Facebook page.