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      Therapy dogs help kids to read

      KC the cocker spaniel helping kids read
      Man's best friend became kids' best friend Saturday.

      The Dickinson County Library hosted their first "Paws-itive Reading" event. The library invited all families with kids to have their children read aloud to therapy dogs. The event is meant to encourage kids to read more and to improve their reading skills. The dogs were a big hit with the kids. Dog trainer Renee Lindow brought her cocker spaniel, KC, who is a therapy dog in training.

      "This is great for her to get her out of being so shy from when we got her five months ago, and it helps the kids, and if the kids can learn more and be better readers, then that's a great thing for everybody," said Lindow.

      Library officials plan to make this a monthly event starting in January. It's open to all ages.