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      There's a foot of snow in Marquette

      All of the snow that Monday's storm brought inspired some Marquette friends to actually create a "foot" of snow.

      They've had the idea to create the foot for over a year and were just waiting for the perfect snowstorm to do it. They spent over four hours perfecting the foot, adding toenails, and they even gave it a bunion. The two women even thought about painting the toenails for an extra touch.

      "We just thought if we put it on the side yard that it would give people a grin for the day. It's winter," said foot builder Eli Brooks. "Winter in the U.P. is long, so we wanted to do something to make people smile, and it definitely made us smile. It was fun."

      At first they were going to build two feet but decided against it after how long the first foot took. The foot of snow can be seen off of West Avenue in Marquette.