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      There's a new circus in town!

      What could be better than attending the circus? Being in the circus, of course!

      Kids flocked to the Peter White Public Library to learn the tips and tricks of circus stunts from travelling circus equipment professionals, "Cirque Amongus."

      "We're going to expose all the kids to the circus arts. They're not going to become professional jugglers or performers, but they are going to have a chance to experiment with the equipment and use their imagination and creativity," said Sem Abrahams of Cirque Amongus.

      The free event provided a whole new world of fun for kids ages five and up. Juggling, tiny clown bikes, ladder pyramids, globe balancing, and tight-rope walking were just some of the stunts available to try.

      "On the ball it was fun, because I got to spin around and I got to clap my hands six times," said Teddi Hubert, six years old.

      One thing every kid wanted a chance at... a turn on the flying trapeze!

      The toughest aspect of the entire spectacle was deciding which stunt to try first.

      "I think it's really well put together. I think it's a really fun thing to do," said Avonlea Ward, 12 years old.

      "It's different, and that's nice," said Sarah Olmsten, 12 years old.

      After their stop in Marquette, Cirque Amongus travelled to Iron Mountain to give more Upper Peninsula children a shot at the circus world.