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      There's no bed like one from Clare Bedding

      Producing 300 to 500 beds per day, Clare Bedding in Escanaba takes pride in the quality beds they put out. Clare provides many of their beds under the Restonic name, but they also produce some of their beds under a private label.

      Each one of the beds is hand made to order with a vast majority of the materials coming from the Midwest. In addition, the most of their beds are sold in stores across the Midwest.

      Unlike many big companies, Clare Bedding does not make their beds in bulk.

      "We had a customer a while ago that came in here loved the fact that we were doing what they were 40 years ago. Everything has been automated, people don't have their hands on it and that's what we still do," said David Peck, Plant Manager of Clare Bedding.

      Clare Bedding believes that quality is the key to producing a good product. As a result, less than one half a percent of Clare Bedding's products are returned to the factory, which is one of the lowest rates in the nation. This kind of attitude towards quality led one furniture store owner to join the company.

      "We were so happy with the product, that when we had an opportunity to also invest into the company upon invitation, we did take advantage of that," said Mike Angsten, Vice President at Clare Bedding.

      The company keeps a good rapport with its employees. They currently employ around 50 people and many of them stick around for a while.

      "We have a good labor force here. Our employees tend to stay with us for several years. Most of them started out as basically their first real job," said Don Balsavich, President of Clare Bedding

      All of that man power comes together to produce a product that should last you for years to come.