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      There's no biking like snow biking

      Snow biking is a fast growing sport that has gained quite a bit of traction in the Upper Peninsula.

      This past weekend the Noquemanon Ski Marathon held three snow bike races. The 12K race started at the Forestville Trail Head in Marquette.

      The race was made up of amateurs and professionals all wanting to test out their bikes on the freshly groomed trails. Bike lovers say snow biking gives them the opportunity to bike throughout the winter season.

      "I mountain bike and I've been doing that for four years and then I thought, well, it's fun to bike in the snow. I tried it out and decided that I wanted to continue cycling all year-round, so I can cycle in the spring and the winter," said snow biker Kit Rhodes.

      The 12K race was Rhodes' first year snow biking, and she says she hopes to gain enough experience to participate in a longer race next year.