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      There's nothing like snow in the Copper Country

      There have been plenty of times where snow has piled to the top of telephone poles or have caused houses to disappear almost like magic. This year, Keweenaw County has seen 338.5 inches of snow and plenty is still on the ground today.

      "I don't think there was a January thaw and it just kept coming and coming storm after storm and piling up and we had one drift in our yard that reached the roof and my granddaughter was climbing on it, so that was a lot of fun," said Ginny Schubert, Vice President of the Keweenaw County Historical Society.

      How much money does it take to clear all of that snow? Houghton County officials say they have spent around $2.5 million dollars this year. 30 years ago it only cost about $900,000 to clear the roads.

      On the bright side, snow isn't quite as crippling as it used to be. In 1938 a major storm sat in the Copper Country for three days straight. 20 foot drifts were seen along with 50 mile per hour winds. The Eagle Harbor Lighthouse took quite a hit between the snow, wind, and waves which caused about eight inches of ice to cover the lighthouse. Luckily there hasn't been anything like that in recent years.

      "I think it was in '03, I was out on the lake, taking a picture of the lighthouse. Right here, my husband was on dry land or snowy land to make sure I didn't fall through," said Schubert.

      It will still be a while before it all disappears from the Copper Country.