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      Thermostat keeps heating costs low by learning

      If you're taking a look back at your heating costs for winter and you don't like what you see, the latest thermostat may help you bring your monthly bills down.

      The Nest is one of the latest in energy efficient thermostats. It was designed to learn from your heating and cooling usage. It can be trained to turn the heat down when you leave for work and then, does it automatically.

      "The newest thermostats not only integrate with your furnace and your heating and cooling system, can show you the energy usage, can show you when you're making smart choices, but it also responds to your actual usage so you don't program it to come on and off at certain times," said Lowe's Project Specialist, Shaun Puzio. "It sort of recognizes when you've gone to bed, when you've gone to work, things like that, and it'll design and develop a program that will work most efficiently for you."

      Puzio also said people have saved up to 20 percent on their monthly heating bills. Many of the new thermostats have smart phone apps, letting you control your home's temperature on the go.