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      These kids were made for walking

      After having the funding for a physical education program cut a few years back, some Powell Township students and teachers took matters into their own hands. A group of students led by teachers and volunteers have hiked their way from Big Bay to Marquette. The group hiked in five mile stages and completed the journey Thursday. The last leg of their trip took them to the Subway restaurant on Presque Isle Avenue just in time for lunch.

      "I think they're very proud; they worried at the beginning, and they had lots of questions--'What if I don't make it?' Then you kind of see them starting to support each other and talk them into it. We feel good about it. We talk a lot about how we can overcome challenges like this," said Kathy Wright from Powell Township.

      Wright also said she sees students, who have participated in the program in years past, continue to hike and stay healthy.