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      These outhouses are serving a different purpose

      The streets of Trenary were packed Saturday afternoon to watch the 21st Trenary Outhouse Classic. Spectators were out in full force to watch competitors.

      Twenty-six teams competed across 6 different categories. Of the 26 entries, some of the outhouses had a motivation behind the theme, while other entries were just for fun.

      Some of the teams were new entrants that left their homes without toilet seats.

      "Well, we've been talking about it for years and finally we were able to craft this fine machine behind us. We had to kidnap the toilet seat this morning to make it official. So number 2 is going to be a little bit rough," said first time participant, Daniel Peters.

      Two teams were fielded by children, with the team "Who cut the cheese" winning that category.

      The outhouse classic will be back next year on the last weekend in February.