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      They don't make 'em like they used to

      The Iron Industry Museum in Negaunee Township has toys from the '40s and '50s on display. It is called the Joe Sutter Toy Collection and includes a Superman Krypto-Raygun, toy soldiers and a Lone Ranger hat with the saying "Hi-Yo Silver, Away".

      Sutter was from Wakefield and played with the toys as a child. When he passed away 14 years ago, his wife donated his toys to the state.

      "The unique factor, I think, is that many of them are in their original packaging, so when visitors come to see the mini display, they'll be able to see these things as well. This collection consists of metal toys and plastic toys and wooden toys which is a lot different from what kids play with today," said Barry James, curator of education.

      Sutter was also a Boy Scout and his vintage uniform, along with the badges, are also on display.

      If you are interested in seeing the collection, you have until April 2014.