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      Things look good for deer season

      Bow and firearm deer hunters will rejoice this season as the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is reporting an increase in the number of deer in the U.P.

      Mild winters are the main reason for the surge in the deer population. DNR wildlife biologists say while one mild winter helps fawn production and having a second one, like we had last year, helps them grow through another season. The dry weather during the summer also helped the deer population by providing plenty of acorns and a good apple crop.

      However, a few more months of good weather could make a big difference.

      "We've got to kind of pray for a good hunting season, good conditions, and hopefully things will pan out, but we are expecting hunters to see more deer and more younger bucks this year," said DNR wildlife biologist, Terry McFadden.

      DNR officials ask hunters to bring in deer to their weigh stations so they can get a better idea of how many deer are in U.P. forests.