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      Think Global Flight takes to the skies

      Over 50 Girl Scouts from the Marquette and Gwinn service areas were treated Thursday with a special visitor, from the sky.

      "I was told girls don't fly. I became a teacher. I really loved it. At 40 years old, I discovered good girls fly. I got my pilot's license and I found the power of aviation with my students. And I knew that I had to go on a mission," said Captain Judy Rice from Think Global Flight.

      Judy Rice flew all the way to Sawyer International Airport, just to visit a group of very lucky Girl Scouts.

      Rice is part of Think Global Flight, an organization aimed at sparking interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education among students around the globe.

      She started her national tour in the fall of 20-13, and Sawyer is just one stop of many.

      "We work with them and all the girls, and help them understand all the aspects of flying. We apply the math, the science, and we talk about human factors also. And then being the female with the girl scouts, it's absolutely a spectacular experience for everyone," said Rice.

      But Rice isn't just sticking around the U.S.

      She and her navigator will take to the skies this fall to start their international tour, stopping at places all over the globe to teach even more children about flying, and the importance of education.

      Rice says her trip around the world will take three months, with a few stops along with way, in her Cirrus SR22T.

      "It's cool. It was cool to see her coming from the sky," said Lily Dixon, a Girl Scout from Troop 5055.

      When she's not flying around the world visiting kids, she's Skyping them.

      Rice says she actively participates in a number of Skype sessions with kids all over, educating them on the power of aviation, knowledge, and dreams.

      "I had to also go on a mission to help kids, and big kids, understand that if they have a dream and it's a good dream, don't let anyone tell you not to do that dream. It's going to be work, but you work on that dream. Don't let anyone stop you," said Rice.

      To find out more about Rice and Think Global Flight, click here.