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      Thinking of adding a family member?

      If you're thinking about adding a furry family member, the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter wants you to try adopting, instead of buying.

      Springtime, although we all look forward to it, does mean that UPAWS Starts receiving more animals, whether it's due to kitten and puppy season, or because people are moving, or have other changes in the home.

      But the folks at UPAWS say they do everything they can to make sure each and every animal that comes through their doors, makes their way out with a new family.

      "We've not ever done the recycled pets before so it's a new twist on a discounted promotion. And mainly the point is to keep our pets in the community," said Ann Brownell, UPAWS Community Outreach Coordinator.

      Each month, UPAWS holds a new promotion, and this one is the special for April.

      Cats are only $20, and dogs are $65.

      If you consider yourself a cat lover, UPAWS is definitely the place to find your forever friend.

      "We actually see an equal number of dogs and cats coming into our shelter, but for some reason the cats kind of move a little bit slower. And it's not because they're not worth the same as dogs or mean as much to the community. I think there's just more cats out in the community. So it's a little harder for us to get the cats adopted," said UPAWS Manager, Lareina Van Strien.

      Springtime is usually a time when UPAWS says they get a lot of animals coming in, so the promotion applies to all of the animals in the shelter, rather than a specific group.

      "When we get over-crowded we like to sometimes reduce the adoption rates and have promotional events or open houses, to get those numbers back down. And at that point it's really not about whether we charge a fee for the animal, an adoption fee, but just about getting the animal a new home," said Van Strien.

      When major over-crowding is occurring, the adoption rates are reduced drastically.

      However, it's important to note that every penny from the adoption fee goes back to the shelter to take care of the animals who have yet to be adopted.