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      Third annual Race for a Cure scheduled for next weekend

      Racers at the Norway Speedway are gearing up for the third annual ??Race for a Cure?? event.

      The race held next weekend is intended to help in the fight against cancer. The ??Race for a Cure?? car will be on the track on Friday, August 8 at 7:00 p.m. for the 100-lap race, where each lap is worth $20. Coordinators also rely on other donations from racegoers.

      ??There are people who randomly donate anonymously,?? said club president, Joey Pontbriand. ??Also, there's a form that we have out that they can sign up and donate; there are different avenues.??

      To fill out the form and donate, you can visit their website at www.norwayspeedway.com or their Facebook page.