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      Thirteen-year-old murder case revisited

      It's been 13 years since police discovered Erin Taylor's body in the woods off Marquette County Road 492.

      The question of who did it and why remains unanswered. Taylor moved to Upper Michigan in January of 1999. A year-and-a-half later in August of 2000, the 24 year old went missing.

      After nine days of searching, her body was found off of County Road 492. Police say she was strangled.

      Every year, Bonnie Dowd returns to the U.P. to honor Taylor and hopes new evidence surfaces to solve the murder.

      "I want to know why. I mean, what can you do so bad that you deserve getting murdered over?" said Dowd, Taylor's best friend.

      Police say a suspect was identified early in the case, but a lack of evidence prevents them from making an arrest. If you have any information on this 13-year-old case, contact your nearest police department.