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      This one thing will protect you from disaster...

      It happens when you least expect it.

      Devastation of your home or apartment, by fire or another disaster.

      You lose everything.

      But what many don't know, is that it doesn't have to be that way.

      "Anybody that rents can purchase a renter's policy. And for the price point that they enter at, it's very, very affordable, and almost a no-brainer decision, if you will. Because the price point is around a $100 depending on the coverage and liability limit," said Tyler Gauthier, Account Executive at St. Onge Insurance.

      Chief Tom Belt of the Marquette Fire Department says most of the fire victims he encounters don't have renter's insurance, and most are college students with valuable electronics destroyed by fire.

      "Our experience with most is that they don't have insurance. Most of our rentals in the City of Marquette are college student rentals. And I would say one in 20 is probably insured for their possessions," said Chief Belt.

      Insurance agencies say obtaining renter's insurance is easier than you may think.

      "Renter's insurance works a lot like a homeowner's coverage, but obviously you don't own a home. But it protects your stuff. More importantly, it gives you liability, a lot like a homeowner's. So, just because you're renting, doesn't mean you don't carry liability, or don't want to insure your stuff. So renter's insurance is going to cover your stuff, and your personal liability," said Gauthier.

      Liability insurance protects the insured in the event he or she is sued for claims that come within the coverage of the insurance policy.

      But if you don't have insurance, you're pretty much on your own after a fire or other disaster strikes.

      "Well, when we are faced with a dilemma like that, immediately we inform the people about pigs n heat. We can put them up in a motel for three days and get them a check to get them on their feet and buy personal necessities, but then the rest is turned over to the insurance company if in fact they do have insurance," said Chief Belt.

      Chief Belt also warned that the three main causes of home or apartment fires are cigarettes, mechanical equipment, and kitchen appliances.

      Both Chief Belt and Mr.. Gauthier at St. Onge Insurance strongly recommend all renters obtain renter's insurance to protect both them, and their belongings against potential disasters.