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      Thousands enjoy Iron Mountain's Independence Day parade

      July 4 is on everyoneâ??s calendar, but this day has special meaning here, as our nationâ??s birthday. The parade in downtown Iron Mountain celebrating Independence Day was a family-friendly event with music and fun costumes, but the paradeâ??s message was clear.

      â??What we really want the public to take away from the parade is to reflect on the true meaning of the holidayâ?? said Lee Guizzetti, president of Americans for Constitutional Enforcement. â??Most people say â??Happy Fourth of Julyâ?? and I always respond â??Happy Independence Dayâ??. Cuba, Afghanistan, they have a Fourth of July, it is on everyoneâ??s calendar, but they donâ??t have an Independence Day.â??

      It has taken six months of planning to organize this parade with over 70 different organizations involved. The parade has been hosted by A.C.E., Americans for Constitutional Enforcement, for the past 12 years.

      â??Itâ??s so satisfying to see the people wave and holler â??thank you very much!â?? and clap and the smilesâ?? said Guizzetti. â??Of course there are also the kids, I love the kids, and they are just terrific. The community is very supportive and they really turn out and enjoy it.â??

      Even with the fireworks show last night and the one again tonight, the parade is still the largest event in Iron Mountain and Kingsford over the holiday weekend.

      â??I think everybody is pretty excitedâ?? said Bobbie Santoni, Iron Mountain resident. â??People just kept piling in this morning before the parade started. There are a lot of tired parents from the fireworks last night at Spread Eagle, but itâ??s a wonderful day!â??

      Aside from the actual parade, another crowd-pleaser was the flyover by three WWII planes.

      â??I heard a lot of people hollering â??Look up! Here they come! There they are!â??â?? said Guizzetti. â??Of course everybody is looking up and they clap. It is just such a great, positive reaction to these planes, itâ??s tremendous.â??

      Those celebrating Americaâ??s 238th birthday say you should take a moment to remember why we celebrate.