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      Thousands of ducks race in Lake Michigan

      Rubber duckies raced to the finish line in Lake Michigan Saturday.

      Large crowds gathered for the 18th annual Duck Races in Gladstone's Van Cleve Park. The Delta County Jaycees organize the event to raise money, primarily for their Thanksgiving baskets. Visitors buy the ducks like a raffle ticket and race them in heats of 300 at a time. Away from the ducks, guests could play games, enjoy live music, and enjoy a complimentary picnic. The day was a little windy, which made the duck races go very quickly.

      "You know, if you get a breezy day like this, it's fun to sit over there and see how fast they are going to come in or not. We've had a couple of years where they've had their things set up a little differently and had to move them because they were going out the other side of the bay over there, and it doesn't work as well," said Heidi Ettenhofer who purchased a duck.

      Winners received many different prizes. The grand prize was $5,000 cash.