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      Thousands of nails found along H-58 hazardous to travellers

      Those who have travelled on H-58 between Melstrand and Grand Marais consider it one of the most beautiful drives in the Midwest. But now the road is getting a reputation for being dangerous.

      Nails strewn on the pavement have caused blown tires on over 60 cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Thousands of number six building nails have been found along the road.

      At Harley Davidson in Marquette, they've seen the damage, replacing tires on over 20 bikes.

      "We had one customer that had seven nails in one tire," says Parts Manager David Zambon.

      And although these puncture holes are small, they can destroy a tire... and even lead to an accident.

      "Most people don't realize how dangerous it is to have a flat on a motorcycle; with the corners that are here on H-58, it's a recipe for disaster," says Brad Kolbus of UP Cruising.

      Officials say when the nails started showing up about a month ago, they thought it was an accident. Now they believe someone is intentionally putting them there.

      "Earlier this week we started receiving additional reports, people experiencing flat tires. It was too coincidental to be viewed as an accidental dropping of nails," says Lt. Robert Pernaski of the Michigan State Police Negaunee Post.

      And police are determined to find out who's responsible.

      If you have any information about the source of the nails, call the Michigan State Police Negaunee Post at (906) 475-9922, the Alger County Sheriff's Department at (906) 387-4444, or Munising Detachment at (906) 387-4551.

      UP Cruising is also offering a $2,000+ reward for information.