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      Thousands risk losing power in the Upper Peninsula

      A statement released from the Upper Peninsula Power Company on Tuesday says that 2,600 of its customers are four months or more behind on bills and risk losing power.

      "This year, the number of customers past due and the amount they owe are slightly higher than last year," said UPPCO spokesperson, Tom Russell.

      Russell added that UPPCO doesn't want to disconnect service to customers who are behind, but disconnection is a possibility unless an arrangement can be made. UPPCO is urging customers to contact them right away by calling (800) 562-7680 if they are running behind on their bills.

      The power company says that last year, 1,800 customers were disconnected from service after being late on utility bills.

      "Those customers who contact us early to make arrangements may find we're more flexible with payment options than those who wait," Russell added.

      For more information, you can check out the press release on UPPCO's website.