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      Thousands turn out for annual art show in Curtis

      Driftwood figures and porcelain pots, they are just some of the art pieces featured at the Art on the Lake Show in Curtis Saturday.

      Live music, food vendors, and, of course, art pieces, helped transform the small, sleepy town of Curtis into a busy attraction.

      "It's [Curtis] 60 miles to the nearest stop light and yet we can put on an event that brings in three to four thousand people to appreciate the arts and purchase art objects made by local and area artists to support that whole culture," said Tom Linscheid, of the Erickson Center, host of the event.

      This year's event drew 70 artists from across the Upper Peninsula to showcase their work.

      "I had some new exhibitors come this year and said, 'Oh we've been wanting to come to this festival because we've heard so much about it,'" said Lynda Soder, founder of the event.

      Dawn Dodge traveled from Calumet Saturday to present her clay, driftwood art figures. This is her second year at the show, and she says the event has helped her expand her business outside of the Copper Country.

      "I've been picked up a couple of local stores that carry my work in this area, Newberry and downstate, [in] Gladwin," said Dodge.

      Gail Snively, who lives in Calumet during the summer, has displayed her pottery at the show since it began 13 years ago. Snively says as an artist, it's important to have the opportunity to showcase your work for people to enjoy.

      "It's one thing to make and do what you love, but if nobody appreciates it, you don't really have the pat on the back...that inspires you to say, 'Hey, I'm not the only one who likes this, other people do, too,'" said Snively.

      Organizers are keeping their creative juices flowing and already planning for next year's show.