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      Thousands wishing Happy Birthday to Escanaba

      Probably one of the biggest birthday celebrations in the Upper Peninsula has officially begun. It's Escanabaâ??s Sesquicentennial 150th Birthday Celebration.

      Fun and games for all ages filled Ludington Park on Saturday for the birthday celebration.

      â??We're having lots of fun,â?? said Tyler Myirck, an Escanaba resident playing bean bag toss with his father. â??People should come down.â??

      And many did; organizers say the all-day event draws in close to 7,000 visitors a day.

      â??Sesquicentennial took about two years to plan,â?? explained Kay Johnson, the Esky 150 events co-chair. â??It's nice to finally see all these thousands of people coming here celebrating.â??

      But Escanaba's 150th wasn't the only celebration going on.

      Bill Jensen, an Escanaba resident, had a family reunion. â??It's something we've done periodically over the years and thought it would be a great time to have one in conjunction with Escanaba, so here we are.â??

      Beautiful weather made day two of Esky's 150th a perfect day in the park

      â??We're loving it,â?? said Kristina Coopride, a mother from Bark River. â??Lots of great things for the kids.â??

      That's an understatement. Everything from fishing ponds to bounce houses, and the best partâ?|

      â??All the rides are free, they donâ??t cost anything,â?? said Escanaba resident Elijah Meserve. â??We saw everyone getting on without tickets, so we're like, â??Yay!â??â??

      Organizers spent close to $200,000 for the event, all donated from businesses and the community. Don't sweat if you missed Saturday because celebrations continue into next Sunday. Check the Esky 150th website for the complete list of events.