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      Threat of flooding continues in Upper Michigan

      Chocolay River near M-28 on Monday morning

      Flood warnings continue for several rivers in Upper Michigan. The Sturgeon River near Alston, the Sturgeon River near Chassel and the Paint River near Crystal Falls are all under warnings from the National Weather Service as of Monday morning.

      Minor flooding was visible along the Chocolay River in Chocolay Township on Monday morning. Water had risen into parts of the parking lot for the fishing area off of M-28.

      The National Weather Service issued a Flood Advisory for the river, and it will remain in effect until Tuesday afternoon. As of 12 a.m. Monday, the river was at 9.4 feet. Bankfull stage is 9.0 feet, and flood stage is 10.0 feet.

      The NWS expected the river to rise near 9.7 feet on Monday morning, and said that at 10.0 feet, water inundates the entire parking lot at the M-28 bridge. They also expect water to inundate low lying areas along Timberlane and Riverside roads downstream of the river gauge site.

      There is also a Flood Advisory in effect for the Sturgeon River near Nahma Junction.

      Residents along these rivers should remain alert and exercise caution when walking near riverbanks. Even six inches of fast moving flood water can knock people off their feet, and a depth of two feet will float a car. If you come upon flood waters, stop, turn around and go another way.