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      Three feet in three days: Spring snow good for business?

      Spring may be around the corner, but that hasn't stopped the snow from falling.

      This week, Bessemer received 33 inches in just three days, making springtime seem unlikely.

      Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort general manager Bruce Noren says that amount is a lot for "anytime of the year" and getting it in the spring is "pretty unusual."

      "I donâ??t think there's any ski resort that doesnâ??t want more snow," exclaims Noren. "We'll welcome any snow that we get."

      Dave Nyquist, Marketing VP of Indianhead Mountain Resort, also described this weekâ??s snowfall as an "abnormal amount."

      "We probably have a base of between six to eight feet of snow consistently out on the hill which is quite a bit more than usual," says Nyquist.

      Nyquist adds "snow sells," continuing that once people know snow is on the ground, "cars start showing up."

      However, the snowfall also has a downside.

      "Powder snow thatâ??s skied that hard gets kind of clumpy," Noren says. "Itâ??s actually a little more expensive on our part to get everything groomed up and in great shape again."

      And attracting skiers and snowboarders in the spring is even more difficult. Both ski resorts say the snowfall had a late start, and at this time of the year, many spring forward their mindsets to warmer thoughts.

      "We'll go right into April with a tremendous amount of snow, but itâ??s hard to convince people to come up and enjoy the snow," Nyquist explains. "Even though thereâ??s a ton of it, people just kind of move on and get into the frame of mind."