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      Three Lakes Academy joins Fuel Up to Play

      Students at Three Lakes Academy in Curtis have been very busy since joining the Fuel Up To Play 60 challenge. They've been trying to eat healthier and get at least sixty minutes of physical activity each day.

      "We always do fun things, and we bring in these healthy choices, and we show them healthy lifestyles, and we show them how it can be fun, and not just your celery and carrot sticks," said Alex Fowler, the Physical Education teacher at Three Lakes Academy.

      "Some of them help you with different skills and help you work different muscles in your body, and they teach some that you can do with any normal, everyday object like jump-roping; you can do it with a rope anytime," said Jared Norris, a seventh grader at Three Lakes Academy.

      The Fuel Up To Play 60 challenge is an in-school nutrition and physical activity program started by the National Dairy Council and the National Football League to help encourage today's youth to lead healthier lifestyles.

      "Since I joined it, I usually didn't get outside very much. I was usually inside reading or doing homework, and I see I've been getting outside more and playing," said Fiona Wing, a seventh grader at Three Lakes Academy.

      Schools who joined were asked to submit a video of how they are getting their school and community more involved in healthier lifestyles.

      Three Lakes Academy submitted a video and was entered into the top five schools! The winning school gets to have Matthew Stafford, the quarterback for the Detroit Lions, visit their school.

      And now Three Lakes Academy needs to accumulate votes online in order to win overall.

      In just a few short days, the school gets to find out if they've won the challenge and have NFLer Matthew Stafford come and teach them a gym class. To vote for them, click here.