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      Thunder Bay Inn to reopen

      While most people are holding tight to their wallets and for that matter, to their dreams--one family is throwing all caution to the wind.

      In the midst of their retirement, the Peacocks from downstate Cheboygan, along with their son, are taking on a major financial undertaking...the Thunder Bay Inn in Big Bay.

      I think the business is here, claimed father Wayne Peacock. I think the previous owners maybe got discouraged or something and lost heart.

      Arriving at the Inn two months ago, the Peacocks are currently in the process of completing some minor renovations.

      We basically or shall I say, I basically, gutted the whole kitchen out, stated son Duke Peacock, and we're going to put all new equipment in the kitchen.

      But that is only the first step.

      I think we can bring some life back into the building, which the community needs badly, said mother Gretchen Peacock.

      On top of that, reopening the Inn will create about 14 full and part-time positions, says Gretchen, and that is good news for past employees looking for work.

      "I was sad to see it leave, but it was going downhill, the way it was going, recalled Tanya Savard, a previous employee of the Thunder Bay Inn. "I'm glad it's going to come back.

      But are the Peacocks concerned that history will repeat itself?

      I'm not worried at all because of the reception we've gotten from all the locals, Duke said. I'm just excited and I don't see any issues.

      The Thunder Bay Inn has been a historic landmark for many years. Originally built in 1910 as a warehouse, it later became a vacation home to Henry Ford and soon after, made its presence known in the film "Anatomy of a Murder."

      Now, that history will continue to evolve. The Peacocks hope to open their doors to customers by the end of the month.