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      Thursday is the new Black Friday

      Move over Mr. Turkey, America's biggest shopping day of the year is taking your place.

      Black Friday shopping has now become as popular on Thanksgiving night as turkey dinner.

      "I enjoy coming here and seeing all the people and it's a guilty pleasure of mine," says shopper, Macey Mahoski

      Major retailers like Target, Kohl's and Best Buy in Marquette Township let customers in for their door buster deals as early as 6 p.m. Thursday night. Hundreds of people stood in long lines in the cold in order to get those mega savings they've waited for all year, and retail employees were actually more than happy to help.

      "It's fun to get the team together, come in and have the sales and see the customers excited about the prices that we have," says Best Buy employee, Katie Poulin.

      While Thursday may be the new Black Friday, some consumers still believe it's an invasion of the traditional values of the Thanksgiving holiday.

      "Thursday night is for giving thanks with your family and hanging out and eating some turkey and food," says Chase Larmour.

      The estimated 33 million shoppers nationwide who are taking advantage of the sales is proof that even traditionalists can't resist the new Black Friday.