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      Time to ski?

      Now that everywhere in the Upper Peninsula has seen snow, everyone knows there's one major way to enjoy it...and that's to get outside.

      One of the most popular winter sports up here is skiing, and making sure your skis are properly taken care of is the best way to make the most of your ski experience.

      And it all starts with sizing.

      "Often times people will get in a rush, and they start jamming their kid's food in the boot and head out there, and the kid doesn't have a good time. The goal for us is to help families size their ski boots and their skis and their snowboards to make sure that they get out there the first day and have a good time," said The Compound owner, Brandon Croney.

      But there are two different kinds of skis: waxable and non-waxable, so make sure you know the difference. And when it comes to what to wear, you'll need to dress the part.

      "A lot of people will overdress. It's very appropriate to be cold when you start out, but it won't take very long to warm up. So, be careful not to overdress. Make sure you wear clothing that's very breathable, windproof. It will make you more comfortable on the trails," said Downwind Sports owner, Todd King.

      But, if your idea of winter fun isn't hitting the slopes, there's always snowshoeing.

      "The advantage of snowshoeing is you can go anywhere. You don't have to rely on anything as far as the trail to be grooomed. You could start and actually just head out in the woods," King added.