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      Tip-Up Town ice fishing contest this weekend

      The 40th annual Tip-Up Town of the U.P. ice fishing and snowmobile racing event is taking place this weekend at the Sagola Sportsmenâ??s Club in Channing. The all-day event takes place this Saturday, February 1, with an ice fishing contest on Sawyer Lake beginning at 7 a.m. Central Time. There will also be snowmobile drag races on Edey Lake at 9 a.m., which will be hosted by The Masters Racing Circuit.

      The Sportsmen's Club will be open all day with food and drinks, and there will also be local entertainment at night, with performances by the local group, North of Nowhere, starting at 6 p.m.

      Registration for the snowmobile drag races can only be done online at . However, registration for the ice fishing tournament is available at Midtown Bait and Tackle or at the Sawyer Lake landing on the day of the event.

      â??We have two divisions; one for children and one for adults,â?? said coordinator, Paul Rotter. â??The adult prizes are cash and the kids get fishing gear. If you just want to come and watch the races, 12 and under are, of course, free, and adults would need to purchase a button.â??

      For more information, you can visit the Sagola Sportsmenâ??s Club website here.