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      Tips for losing winter weight

      You might have gained some extra pounds during the winter, but when it comes to losing that weight, a slow start is recommended.

      Running on a treadmill may be a quick and easy way to shed some unwanted weight. Getting in shape is not just about losing some pounds.

      It's about adopting a healthy lifestyle.

      "Go backwards and say 'okay what was I doing before' when I felt a little bit better about my health status my wellness and your weight in general. Look at what you aren't doing or maybe what you've added that's kind of contributed to those extra 5-10 pounds over the winter," said Monica Nelson, Dietitian with YMCA of Marquette county.

      You hear it all the time, but experts say eating healthy is key. Try Introducing more fruits, vegetables, and whole foods in a quarter of your plate.

      "Basically try to eat within one to two hours of waking up. Probably every two to four hours or so. So that you're not setting yourself up to go so long and maybe have a tendency to overeat," Nelson said.

      Healthy eating and regular exercise go in hand in hand when it comes to weight loss.

      "You know just start gradual even if it's just going for a walk. Taking a dog for a walk for ten minutes. Just work that up couple minutes every time. Before you know you will be up 30-45 minutes" said Jen Byma, Fitness trainer, YMCA Marquette county.

      If you are hitting the gym its recommended to do a variety of workouts focusing on cardio and muscle strengthening.

      "Bike, a treadmill, snowshoeing anything like that. Also, do some strength training whether it be with dumbbells. You can do body weight exercises at home like squats," Byma said.

      Physical trainers say it's important to have a wellness goal, and keep track of your progress in a log.They also recommend changing up the intensity of your workouts, pushing yourself a little further each time, so you get the best results from exercising.