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      Tips for seniors living independently

      When it comes to growing older, you may want to continue living in your home without any assistance.

      Eighty-nine-year-old Betty Niemisto puts on her Life Alert necklace every morning, even though she's made changes to help her move around the house safely.

      "I use my walker from the bed to the bathroom and all through the house. I'm really careful that I'm not going to fall," said Betty Niemisto.

      Her bathroom has railings in place to help her keep balance, and there are no slip rugs in the kitchen.

      However, there are more products tailored to help seniors, just like Betty, live independently.

      "Our four-wheel walkers with seats are some of our most popular to stay mobile and safe when they start losing their balance or when they have moments of instability when they need a little more security around them," said Lynn Vanwelsenaers with Wright & Filippis.

      Bathroom safety is one of the most important concerns with older people who have back problems. You can customize the toilet with bars and a raised seat. Railings can also be used in the shower along with a shower chair and no-skid bath mats.

      "Climbing in or out of their shower or their tub so that, you know, maybe once they're in there, they can't stand for very long; they can sit on the seat and use and handheld shower," Vanwelsenaers said.

      Other tools that can make a difference are using a gripper on doorknobs, a reacher to pick up items, and even a remote-operated recliner.

      Another basic tip: keep items in easy-to-access places.

      "When I send her for groceries, they put them on the cabinet, and I put them away so I know where the things are," Niemisto said.