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      Tips for sharing the road with plow trucks

      When snow storms like these occur, there's one thing you see a lot more of...snow plows.

      Marquette County Road Commission had approximately 30 trucks throughout the day doing their best to keep the roadways clear. However, having those plow vehicles on the road could create dangerous situations for motorists who aren't careful.

      "My tip is if you see a plow truck it's considered an emergency vehicle like an ambulance or police," said Mike Harrington, Director of Operations. "You see flashing lights, give them plenty of room. The visibility within the plow, especially with the high winds, is limited for the drivers and often times they don't see you. It's a big vehicle and you don't want to get run over."

      Also, remember to avoid pushing snow into streets or on corners. If it piles up it could create limited visibility and become potentially hazardous for motorists.