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      Tips for tipping

      To tip or not to tip. That's the topic for tonight's Facebook Friday story.

      Itâ??s estimated that Americans tip $42 billion dollars every year. But the question lies with when to tip and how much?

      "I personally look at tipping as a reflection of how well I do with any given guest," said Kendra Hakola, a server at The Wild Rover . "So if I get a little less than what I would of expected, I do take it personally."

      "I like to put my best face forward with every customer," Hakola added.

      It's a choice we face on a daily basis. When it comes to dining out, Tawni Ferrarini, an economics professor at Northern Michigan University, said itâ??s a good practice to follow.

      "If they're being paid under minimum wage, which most waitresses are, then you want to tip," explained Ferrarini.

      A server's wage averages three dollars an hour with tips making up a majority of their salary.

      When it comes to dining out, a good rule to follow is leave 15-20 percent of your bill.

      * Over 20 percent means outstanding service* 15 to 20 percent is good service* 10 percent is okay service* And below 10 means poor

      "If they donâ??t do the job, I would leave less of a tip," said Christopher Kibit, a Hospitality Management Professor at Northern Michigan University. "I mean 10 percent."

      "Very rarely have I left without leaving any tip at all," Kibit stated.

      Other places you should tip include car washes, hotel maids and bell boys, cab drivers, hair dressers and bartenders.

      Some believe take-out places or coffee shops usually pay minimum wage, so itâ??s OK to pass up the tip jars, but remember that any outstanding service should be rewarded.According to across the U.S., the top ten cities with the best tippers are:

      1. Atlanta2. Baltimore3. New York4. Washington, D.C.5. Philadelphia6. Chicago7. San Francisco8. Seattle9. Providence10. Boston