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      Tips for your Thanksgiving meal

      Cooking a Thanksgiving meal can be stressful, prepping is the key. You need to have the turkey thawed beforehand.

      Then leave it soaking over night in marinade.

      Even if you only have the turkey if you need last minute items, stores are still stocked.

      Jubilee Foods Manager, Dustin Gransinger says they have been preparing for weeks.

      "Whatever you need it's all here. So we make sure we get stocked up plenty ahead of time a week in advance or so just to make sure it's already for people to come in and get it," said Gransinger.

      You still have time to get stuffing, veggies for a green bean casserole, potatoes and gravy.

      Don't for all the baking items like spices to make tasty pies.

      If you are looking for something convenient and to save time on Thanksgiving. Stop by stores deli get ready to go side dishes like mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, veggie and fruit trays.

      A dish some people forget about is making rutabagas.

      Maggie Mahoney says if you are cooking for a full house get them involved.

      "Don't be afraid to ask for help from them. Don't feel like you need to be making all of the accompaniments, the turkey and everything. Have your guests bring things and they are going to be happy to do so because they will feel more included in your plans," said Mahoney.

      Try to get as much done the night before to make it easier on yourself.

      Make a schedule of when you are going to cook each dish. Remember have a good time while cooking, it's about being with the family.