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      Tips on winter driving

      Friday's above average temperatures made for a relatively easy drive, but that is soon to change.

      A uthorities say with the coming snow comes more responsibility on the part of drivers.

      "They need to slow down, take their time, make sure they don't come up to a car too close, give them extra space, so if you do slip and slide you can actually correct and not crash," said Trooper Stacey Rasanen of the Michigan State Police.

      I n Marquette County, the road commission's 50 plus plows and sanders have remained mostly idle, but soon they'll be out in full force. Those operating the massive machines urge patience.

      "They have to go at a slow pace to spread the salt efficiently and sometimes that holds up the traffic; people get in a hurry and cause accidents."

      I f you try passing the plows, remember they're the ones making it easier for you to drive.

      B efore hitting the road this winter, there are some items you may want to have in your trunk: an extra bottle of windshield wiper fluid, a reflector, and cat litter or sand for tire traction.

      Ahead of your morning commute, be sure to clean off your car's windshield and windows.

      "We do see on occasion where people just get up, it looks like, and decide to just get out on the road with their windshield wipers and think it's good to go, and it's not. It's totally unsafe."

      The Michigan State Police advise motorists to call the numbers below to request road condition updates:

      1-800-381-8477 - Michigan State Police ext. 71-800-411-4823 - AAA of Michigan1-866-511-9472 - AAA of Wisconsin