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      Tips to get the most gas out of your tank

      A combination of issues have driven gas prices up: a pipeline rupture and shutdown in Wisconsin and equipment problems at refineries in Indiana and Illinois. In the meantime, many are conserving gas and some simply aren't.

      "Forty-eight times four," multiplies motorist Dave Porter as he fills up. "That's going to be about $200."

      Porter's truck and boat are costing him a fortune for his Upper Peninsula vacation, but he says, they'll keep driving.

      "We're going to do it, so it just means you got to pinch more in other places."

      Others are not concerned either.

      "Yeah, not terribly pleased, but there are worse fates," adds Christopher Davis, a motorist from downstate.

      But some are wondering where to save and fast, with the latest gas prices climbing up to $4.09 per gallon in Marquette. One expert says you can start by checking under the hood. Worn out spark plugs empty your tank faster than normal.

      "Over a long period of time they gradually erode and they don't provide the proper spark to burn the fuel completely," said Doug Young, a technician at Fox Negaunee. "Therefore, a little bit of that fuel is wasted each time it goes through the cycle."

      Facebook fan Patti Truckey says, "Drive the speed limit. Don't follow close so you're speeding up and slowing down."

      Another tip? You won't have to look far for this one.

      "Make sure your tires are inflated to the proper pressure," Young said. "If you open your driver's door, there will be a little sticker there that gives the recommended pressure for the front and rear."

      Gas prices are expected to drop in the next few weeks. In the meantime there are many more ways to save, and you can check out viewer suggestions on our TV6 Facebook page.