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      Tips to minimize the impact of potholes

      The Michigan Department of Transportation has issued some tips to help drivers avoid pesky potholes during the peak season.

      MDOT issued some tips for drivers on their website Thursday, including not tailgating other drivers and inflating your tires properly.

      According to MDOT, tailgating provides drivers with less time to react and avoid potholes they're approaching. The department also suggested motorists have tires inflated properly to avoid damage should they hit a pothole.

      MDOT claims to have spent $8.8 million on pothole repairs last year, and expects to increase that spending by 50 to 100 percent this year.

      "The best way to prevent potholes is to keep roads in better shape to begin with," said State Transportation Director Kirk T. Steudle. "Unfortunately, without the proper investment in roads, MDOT, county road commissions and city public works departments are left little choice but to spend more each year filling potholes - which we all know is not a permanent fix."

      The Michigan Department of Transportation asks that motorists report potholes to the proper agencies to assist in getting them filled quickly. The department asks that you report potholes on city streets or county roads to local public works departments or road commissions. If you spot a pothole on state trunkline (I, M or US routes) submit it to MDOT's Report a Pothole website or call the Pothole Hotline at (888) 296-4546.

      Click here for a full list of pothole tips , and let us know where the worst potholes you've experienced are in the comments down below.