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      Tips to save bucks when buying textbooks

      Getting your college textbooks is a must, but you have options to save you some bucks. You may like the look of new, but consider used.

      At a local bookstore, like Student First College Textbook Store in Marquette, all the books are used. Timothy Weingarten, the owner of Student First College Textbook Store, says used books are cheaper.

      "Our prices are up to 40 percent less than what you would pay at our competitor's bookstore. Our prices are basically just high enough that we make a few dollars, but not enough. It makes it cumbersome for the students," said Weingarten.

      When you go in, the staff finds your books or you can reserve them online. You can sell back your books at any time of the year and get up to 50 percent back from what you paid for it.

      Another option if you are short on cash? Renting books from the college bookstore; it's cheaper than buying them. If you don't have the money to get your books, NMU has an option to charge it to a student account while waiting for your financial aid to come through. Don't forget the refund policy.

      Mike Kozak, NMU Bookstore Manager, says they let you return books three weeks after classes start.

      "Students can get a full refund for their books. You can't get that online or anywhere else. That's something people think about when they are purchasing the book, but after they drop the class, that's when that need is there," said Kozak.

      One more thing, if you don't want to lug around your books, you can also get an e-book.