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      Tis' the season of stressful shopping

      Tisâ?? the season for long lines and busy stores, turning a happy time of year into a potential nightmare. â??Everything doesn't come easy, especially around the holidays,â?? explains shopper Jackie Willis. â??You just have to figure it's that time of year and you have to wait.â?? Whether we realize it or not, the hectic holiday season can add stress to any shopper. Bellin Health Clinicâ??s Dr. Stephen Leonard explains it as â??inevitable,â?? continuing that â??there's so many commitments that people have, and they over extend themselvesâ?? and â??stress is a compliment of that.â?? Sheri Anderson insists on being proactive when it comes to presents to avoid shoppers who may turn into a Grinch during their search for gifts. â??I make sure I have the brunt of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving,â?? says the Iron River resident. â??I like to avoid the fights and be able to find what Iâ??m looking for.â?? For others who don't buy their gifts ahead of time, there are still ways to remain stress-free for the season by: - shopping online- budgeting yourself to not overspend- setting aside a day without other commitments Another important tip is by making a list--whoâ??s getting what, from where, and checking it twice by calling the store first before just going there and leaving empty-handed. Also, contact stores to find out their slow times to avoid picking up presents during their peak shopping hours.