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      Toddlers learn to read at Christmas Rock 'N Read

      This morning a group of Marquette County infants and toddlers were able to attend a special event to promote early reading and comprehension.

      The Negaunee Public Schools held it's annual Christmas Rock 'N Read with Project Newborn at Lakeview Elementary School in Negaunee.

      From 9:30-11 a.m. children and their parents were welcomed to the library of Lakeview for refreshments, a meeting with Santa, crafts and a fun time of reading and story time.

      Project Newborn has been around for 20 years and holds several events every year to promote the health and education of children starting at infancy.

      Those at Project Newborn say that it is critical that parents begin reading to their children as early as possible, even during pregnancy.

      "They pattern what they see their parents doing. Their parents reading to them, then their going to love to pick up a book and start reading themselves and then it just carries on throughout their life" says coordinator Diane Faust.

      Each student was able to pick out a book of choice to take home with them.