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      Tonight on TV6 News Thursday

      The heat, or at least the humidity, is letting up finally. How's the weekend look? Karl Bohnak will have the answers on tonight's newscasts.

      How should you treat migraines? Are they worse in the heat? Our Facebook story tonight on the Early News from Yona Gavino.

      Aaron Martin's special on murders in the U.P. starts tonight on the Early News. How does the U.P.'s solved-murders rate compare withy other parts of the nation? Aaron will tell us.

      Also on the Early, a preview of the tall ships coming to Marquette's Lower Harbor this weekend.

      The legislation that could possibly reopen the controversial rock quarry in Portage Township has now been signed into law by Governor Snyder. What does it all mean? That story, Up Close, from Noel McLaren, on TV6 News Tonight.

      And on the Late News, the latest on the future of the W in Sawyer and on the set-up for the Hiawatha Music Festival in Marquette.

      See you tonight on TV.