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      Tonight on TV6 News Thursday

      We're just starting the 4th of July holiday travel weekend. What's it look like here in the U.P.? Aaron Martin will have that story live on the Early News.

      Facebook Story of the Day? Lighthouses in the U.P. Do we still use them anymore? Do they have anything other than historical value? Nikki Davidson will have that story.

      Also on the Early--the big Beacon House celebrity golf tournament at Greywalls. Mike Ludlum will have a live report from the after-party. We'll also show you highlights of the tournament.

      On TV6 News Tonight, a Cool Counties story on Crystal Falls Springs water. A big name in a small town. Wesley Williams will have that story.

      Also the latest on the possible Nissula Post Office closing. Residents met with postal officials last night. What happened?

      On the Late News, a report on a special feature at the Border Grill--weekly concerts.

      Also, on all the newscasts, what's the weather look like for the holiday weekend? Karl Bohnak will tell us.