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      Tools fit for a lumberjack

      Tom Pestka is no stranger to the logging industry and all of the tools used.

      "I grew up in a lumber camp. We had big lumber camps here. There was a couple hundred men in them. I lived out there, and I was six years old, and I grew up with all the logging. I grew right up with them--the horses, right up to all the mechanized equipment. I worked there when my dad hauled pulp with a Model A truck," said Pestka.

      Tom is a Forestry Tool Historian and has quite the collection of early logging tools used here in the Upper Peninsula.

      These very large, two person saws were one of the most common tools used in the logging industry.

      Tom travelled to Ontonagon Elementary school to teach the students what being a lumberjack was like in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He also shared what day-to-day life was like for the lumberjacks of the U.P.

      "It was nice just to know what the lumberjacks did to get all the wood chopped down and brought back for the furniture and stuff. Just to know how it all worked," said Neil Bradley, a sixth grader at Ontonagon Elementary School.

      Tom says he hopes to present at many other schools and get more students interested in a part of the U.P.'s rich history.