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      Top places for U.P. weddings

      Wedding bells are chiming for Valerie Peterson. Her fiance, Scott, proposed to her on Valentine's Day at Black Rocks.

      "He has to remind me about what he said after that because I think I just blanked. You know, I went into tears," said Peterson.

      She's planning her wedding for September of 2013 and has been looking at outdoor venues.

      The U.P. has plenty of options. If it's a small ceremony, the gazebo at Presque Isle is a good spot.

      You can tie the knot off Lake Superior; Copper Harbor is a great place.

      Elsewhere in the U.P., the Tahquamenon State Park has some picturesque waterfalls for a backdrop.

      Maggie Mahoney, a certified wedding planner, says when choosing: "Think things through. You know, parking is a big problem. Is it hard to find, because if you got a lot of out of town guests and it's after the main road, make sure you are going to put up directions and such," said Mahoney.

      Nathan Nastoff writes: "Terrace Bay Inn in between Escanaba and Gladstone! Right on the water, beautiful view, excellent food, and great service."

      Our bride to be, with about 300 guests, has decided on the band shell at Presque Isle.

      "We really wanted something outdoors and the band shell is great. It already has the benches outside; the band shell has the cover in case it's raining. We are suggesting our guests bring umbrellas. It's really about accommodating everyone," Peterson said.