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      Tough training for Tough Mudder

      A team of amature U.P. athletes have started training for the national Tough Mudder competition that benefits wounded warriors.

      The group is training for a 10 to 12 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces. They meet at Marquette Mountain and run while carrying 40 lb. sand bags. This team is doing the competition for their own 'wounded warrior.'

      "His name is Jerry Hebert; he has been a volunteer in the Marquette County community for over 17 years," said Kristie Buruse, a participant in the competition. "He was recently engaged and shortly after that, he found out he had asbestosis, an incurable disease, and his bills just started piling up and piling up, and we wanted a way to give back."

      The course is designed to test the limits of physical endurance as well as promote teamwork. The team will travel to Wisconsin for the September 8 competition.

      To date, the Tough Mudder events have raised more than three million dollars for the Wounded Warrior Program.