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      Tour da U.P. 2014 rides from Gladstone to Marquette

      Tour da U.P. 2014, the annual biclycle trip around the Upper Peninsula, completed another leg of its journey Sunday.

      Sponsored by Teaching Family Homes, the cyclists started from Gladstone and stopped for lunch and a pitstop in Gwinn's Peter Nordeen Park.

      One cyclist said the event was special to him because it kept friends from the U.P. together even if they didn't reside there anymore, among other reasons.

      "Generally, there's 50 to 100 of us that do this. We get together once a year. Most of us don't see each other during the course of the year, so we develop a good friendship. And its riding with good friends. The scenery, of course, here in the U.P. Is just perfect. We've generally had good weather for these trips. Just great country for biking". said cyclist Joe Strohl.

      After they were rested and refuelled, the cyclists set out for their desination of Marquette where they'll spend three days on various day biking trips.