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      Tour da U.P. cyclists ride for a cause

      If you want to see the country in its purest form, go bicycling. It's the burn of riding up a hill and the enjoyable breeze of coasting downhill.

      That's exactly what riders of the "Tour da U.P." have been doing this week. Cyclists riding for Teaching Family Homes woke up early Wednesday morning at Tourist Park. They were heading out on their fourth day of riding.

      The Tour da U.P. takes cyclers from Delta County, to Marquette County and back to Delta County.

      We asked why people participate in the ride and everyone agreed on the answer.

      "The ride itself is important for them, but the first and foremost is the cause," says Rich Rossway from Teaching Family Homes.

      "Well, I do the Tour da U.P. because it's a charity ride, we're riding for the kids," says cyclist Marie Falkenber. "I've been doing this for 14 years. I'm from Marysville, Pennsylvania. We've made great friends here and they're almost as close as family."

      This is Teaching Family Home's 24th Tour da U.P. bike tour. All proceeds support their mission of providing hope for the abused and neglected children in the community.